AI’s top advancements from 2022

1. The evolution of chatbots

Chatbots can engage in human-like conversations using Natural Language Processing technology.

2. Automation and robotics

Automation not only reduces human effort but makes processes cost-effective and efficient.

3. AI’s creative and artistic applications

The first-ever AI-based NFT collection containing 10,000 unique Japanese anime avatars in the metaverse is already here!

4. Language modelling

It is now possible to convert natural languages into computer codes that further create programs. These programs can be optimised by ChatGPT.

5. ‘Low Code’ and ‘No Code’ AI

The no-code approach helps non-techies build AI systems from scratch. It’s a true democracy of AI!

6. AI in science

Generative modelling systems can now classify big data sets, paving the way to faster and more efficient scientific exploration.