Applications of 3D printing in space

(1) Satellite manufacturing The use of 3D printing in space concerning satellites has increased significantly.

Companies like Airbus and Boeing have been using 3D printing for manufacturing complex satellite and aircraft components.

(2) 3D-printed rocket engines To speed up the manufacturing process of rocket engines, many companies are turning to 3D printing.

Spanish startup Pangea Aerospace is developing advanced 3D-printed combustion devices and rocket engines that are more efficient than the ones produced traditionally.

The space sector giant NASA has also worked on lunar landers equipped with 3D-printed rocket engine parts to reduce manufacturing costs.

(3) 3D-printed clothes and food Besides machines, rocket engines, and satellites, it is possible to create clothes and food for astronauts on long voyages using 3D printing.

For example, Elon Musk-owned SpaceX has created 3D-printed space suits and helmets to meet the requirements of space missions.

Furthermore, creating food for long space missions is challenging for people involved in additive manufacturing.

Israel-based Aleph Farms is one such company providing self-sustaining food systems for astronauts who travel in space for long periods.