Challenges of innovations in education technology

Despite the promised transformation, there are certain reservations about education technology innovations.

Primarily due to EdTech’s dependence on the internet, connectivity, and digital literacy, its accessibility to low-income students has come into question.

Moreover, there have been reports of ‘zoom’ fatigue among students.

Zoom fatigue refers to the psychological and physiological effects of long hours of use of online forms of learning.

There have also been fears of a ‘content’ race.

In a content race, learning platforms may source misleading or not-so-verified information to be competitive and relevant.

Moreover, the distracting nature of the ‘online’ world is problematic.

Education experts have also expressed scepticism about how better grasping and retention can be achieved.

However, education technology is an exponentially expanding industry in its own right and has the potential to reach a market worth of $207.3 billion by 2026.

With the potential to impact the education of the present generation and that of future generations, EdTech may very well be the most iconic innovation of our time.