Deprogramming parenting styles

Parents used to believe that they knew what was best for their children.

They would parent their children based on how their parents raised them because traditional methods ‘worked’, seeing how they turned out so admirably.

It’s easy to understand this trend using Maslow’s hierarchy of needs.

Earlier, parents needed to put food on the table, clothes on everyone’s backs, and ensure that their children conformed to the norms in their community.

Once these basic needs were satisfied, the next generation of parents wanted their kids to have good jobs, move into respectable neighbourhoods, and marry well.

We want our children to maximise their potential while being creative, intellectual, capable, and aware.

Our children must become pinnacles of physical, mental, and spiritual well-being.

The enormous pressure this puts on our children is no joke. Additionally, the stress the parents are under is pretty incredible.

For parent and child to pull through, parents need to deprogramme themselves of behaviour and instincts they learnt from former generations.

This deprogramming would make parents see that the conditions they grew up under are no longer applicable.