Diaries of an Asian kid

If you’re Asian, here are a few phrases you’ve heard at some point: 1. It’s for your own good.

2. This is how it’s always been in our family.

3. We didn’t have any of this. You have so much. You should be grateful.

4. Stop complaining.

The basic idea is your parents know what’s best for you—all you need to do is be a ‘dutiful’ child.

The only problem is what constitutes dutifulness is ever-changing.

If you, at some point, go against this, you are a terrible child.

Moreover, transitioning from being a dutiful child to being a bad son or daughter as an adult is easier than one might think.

A ‘dutiful’ child grows up taking no independent decisions.

However, as an adult, you confront numerous scenarios where decision-making skills are crucial.

Failure to take the right decisions could result in lost job opportunities, relationship struggles, or financial problems.