How are cockroach companies formed?

How are cockroach companies formed?

When funding starts drying up, unicorns need to employ all means possible to survive the competition.

That’s why they metamorphose into cockroaches, which can adapt to any environment and thrive, unlike other creatures in the same conditions.

– The primary goal of these cockroach companies is to live another day.

They minimise their salaries and expenses, spend less on fixed assets, and cautiously look after their expenditure.

– Their focus is more on profitability than on market share or increasing revenues.

A rock-solid revenue model becomes the norm.

– Since cockroach companies are adaptive, they can survive in harsh conditions by having a genuine product or service.

They aim towards improving these two things at their own pace without spending much.

– These companies believe in having small teams (at least at first) that are more flexible and agile to generate significant results.

– Any experimental approach or high-scale operation is saved for a more opportune phase later.