How can Green Hydrogen be used to fight climate change?

Hydrogen is the most abundant, smallest, and simplest element.

It is also one of the leading sources of clean energy, as its production does not release carbon in any form.

Green hydrogen is produced by splitting the water molecule into oxygen and hydrogen using electricity from renewables.

The only emission that occurs in this process is water.

Thus, green hydrogen is an excellent example of how technology fights climate change!

Many countries recognise the potential of green hydrogen in advancing the decarbonisation of critical sectors, such as industry and aviation.

In December 2022, Egypt gave the nod to a green hydrogen project in the town of Ain Sokhna, which will have an annual capacity of 1 million tons.

In India, the Parliament cleared the Energy Conservation (Amendment) Bill 2022 this month to promote clean energy sources, including green hydrogen.

However, the challenge in using hydrogen is the need to rapidly increase the use of renewables in electricity generation.