How to start your “sustainable living” journey

1. Since food demands put the biggest burden on our planet, shouldering just a small part of the agricultural burden could have profound effects.

You can begin with a basic kitchen garden of microgreens which are low-maintenance.

2. Livestock rearing for food purposes ranks as the leading cause of global warming.

The personal choice to limit the consumption of meat alone (just a midway compromise) can affect a significantly positive change in the depletion of natural resources.

3. Before making any purchase, quickly research which store or brand practices the greenest policies.

Physically visit local stores first and bring your shopping tote with you.

If only virtual stores have what you need, try shopping close to home to save shipping resources.

4. Mindfulness in terms of what materials you’re using for which purpose can save you from regret.

Carry your metal straw as you walk into your regular juice bar, and choose reusable serveware instead of solo cups and paper plates.

If you’re having food delivered to your door, take those seven extra seconds to add instructions that reject napkins and plastic cutlery.