How water data and technology help increase water supply

We do not have enough fresh water to sustain our lifestyles at the rate it is growing. So, how can we increase the supply?

One of the biggest and best methods we have so far is desalination.

We know that 97% of the water on the planet is salt water. So technically, there isn’t much of a supply problem here.

Desalination is a process that can help us turn it into water that is fit for drinking, agriculture, and so on.

For example, over 90% of Kuwait’s water comes from the sea after desalination.

However, this process is difficult because it consumes a great deal of energy, making it more expensive.

Fortunately, leaps and strides are being made to make the process more energy efficient.

In addition to desalination, groundwater and sewage treatment plants help to build up the water supply.

Of course, not all this water is fit for drinking, but most of it can be used for washing or farming, if nothing else.