Intrapreneur vs entrepreneur

An entrepreneur is seen as someone who uniquely and successfully develops a product or a service to introduce it into the market strategically.

They confidently pitch the potential of their idea to investors to attract funding.

Intrapreneurship is essentially entrepreneurship but with a safety net.

The core principles that govern the two remain the same: passion and innovation.

However, unlike entrepreneurs, intrapreneurs develop business ideas within the organisational structure of the company where they are employed.

On the other hand, entrepreneurs may run through their funds without the business picking up pace and making a profit.

All an intrapreneur needs to do is pitch their product or service idea to the higher-ups of their organisation and convince them to invest in it.

The assurance that their employment would not be in jeopardy in case their idea fails gives intrapreneurs the creative space to experiment and explore.

Unfortunately, this luxury is usually not available to budding entrepreneurs.