Inventions from Croatia

The country isn’t just resourceful with its naming culture; it has also unveiled some off-centre innovations.

For example, Croatians invented the torpedo (an underwater missile) and the mechanical pencil.

Slavoljub Eduard Penkala invented the mechanical pencil, and to this day, the pen is referred to in Croatia as “penkala”.

Another exciting invention that originated amongst the people of Croatia came about in the 17th century.

The French were fighting a war and enlisted the services of Croatian mercenaries.

These mercenaries wore cloths around their necks that they knotted distinctively to tell each other apart.

Soon, this spread to other militaries and eventually found its way into businesses and formal events.

There’s music in the depths of Croatian waters, too.

Humans have been singing songs about the sea for centuries, but in Zadar, the sea sings back to us.

A pipe organ, built in 2005, is played by the rhythm of the waves.

On top of the 35 pipes are stone steps that people can sit on while the sea serenades them.