Is there money in reaction videos?

Yes, provided you can navigate through YouTube’s monetisation and copyright policies.

Usually, these measures do the trick: – The original video being reacted to needs to be credited.

 - Enough parts of the original video need to be cut out for the reaction video to satisfy YouTube’s ‘fair use’ clause.

– The reactor’s real-time response (in the form of remarks, expressions, and gestures) must be substantial enough to qualify as commentary.

Now, it may sound like terms and conditions restrict the reaction video revenue.

Still, it helps to remember that on YouTube, viewership is currency, and this genre’s viewer traffic gets rather busy.

Sizeable channels like Beast Reacts, Reaction Time, and SidemenReacts rake in an estimated $3 to $5.6 million per year.

Relatively new channels like Vlogging Through History draw close to $200,000 per year.

Reaction videos pull tremendous amounts of watch hours daily, revolutionising the economy of content creation.