Learning to cook via food videos

Whether certified or not, most internet chefs have a large fan following and published cookbooks.

Tasty also has its own cookbook, and its app is excellent for beginners and experimental cooks.

Tasty’s quick, instructive videos focus on getting the recipe across in the fastest, most convenient manner while enticing its audience with stimulating visuals.

Those looking for a quick recipe, who also do not have time for the long-winded presentation that often accompanies a chef’s cooking video find Tasty’s impersonal nature much more accessible.

To keep up with this trend, many channels are now releasing recipes in the form of YouTube Shorts and TikTok videos.

Particularly during the pandemic, Tiktok has been producing viral recipes and starting major food trends.

We all remember the countless re-shares of baked feta cheese pasta, baked oats, and hot chocolate bombs!

The creators of these dishes are as diverse as chef Shereen Pavlides and singer Jason Derulo who add their spin to teaching the art of viral foods.

In addition, many celebrities are eager to dabble in this delicious mania. Jennifer Garner, Paris Hilton, Amy Schumer, and Selena Gomez put out amateur cooking videos every once in a while, much to their fans’ delight.