Technology and art: why it’s a favoured combo

The concerns regarding the “human element” of art, which people argue is the defining factor, keep resurfacing.

However, it is essential to remember that the purpose of technology has always been to enhance the human experience.

Technology in the art world has opened up new possibilities for creatives, allowing for art creation in ways that were impossible before.

The reach is also wider, given technology’s widespread orbit.

Additionally, technology has made art interactive through virtual reality and 3D art, redefining how we appreciate and consume it.

Possibly the most impactful difference technology has made in art is bridging its sexist divide.

Most high-profile exhibitions showcase more art by men than by women.

In American museums, 87% of the displays are by male artists; the same statistic is 73% in Canberra alone.

This favouritism also extends to the pricing: a woman’s most expensive work of art doesn’t even break into the top 100 of the world’s priciest art.