The Cloud Kitchen Business Model

A cloud kitchen is a commercial setup that produces food specifically for doorstep delivery.

They rely on aggregators like Zomato, Swiggy, and Uber Eats for delivery.

A cloud kitchen can also be called a ‘virtual kitchen’, ‘dark kitchen’, or ‘ghost kitchen’.

These kitchens have redefined how people can invest in space in the food industry.

There are two variations of the cloud kitchen business model.

You can be a real-estate player, providing spaces to companies to build their kitchens.

Or you can be a restaurant owner running multiple kitchens under one brand name.

The running of a cloud kitchen has multiple variations.

You can be an independent cloud kitchen owner—a restaurant without a dine-in facility.

You can also work as a hybrid kitchen owner with a dine-in and delivery facility.

Also, you can have a fully outsourced cloud kitchen, where food preparation takes place outside, and your chefs finish the dishes in the facility.