The drink(ing) costume

The most common costume of coffee that we know about is that of a drink.

Over a billion people around the world drink coffee every day.

It is ranked globally as the most consumed beverage after water.

It stirs cultural conflict almost just as much as does its caffeine.

This drink has divided the opinions of people for centuries. While many crave it, others have sought to outlaw it.

Even so, coffee has remained one of the most popular drinks throughout history.

A recent study by the Institute of Scientific Information on Coffee (ISIC) claimed that global lockdowns have led to an increase in the consumption of coffee.

This is especially with regard to the homebound practice of enjoying coffee rather than the cafe experience.

Of course, the coffee market has caught a whiff of this trend.

Coffee ground companies are widening their reach with home-brewing kits, inclusive of frothers, French presses, self-stirring shaker mugs, and more.

Product descriptions can no longer get away with just a few catchy lines about the taste of coffee; they need to dive deep into its exotic origin and history.

Basically, everybody is a coffee connoisseur!