The Naruto series: an introduction

In Naruto, there are five big nations, each of which has its own shinobi (ninja) village.

The shinobi are responsible for protecting their nation and regularly carry out missions for the same.

Each village has a Kage (head), and our protagonist Naruto wants to be the head of his village.

As a part of their training, ninja students are split into groups.

Naruto’s Team 7 consists of himself, Sakura Haruno, and Sasuke Uchiha, with Kakashi sensei as their mentor.

The series follows Naruto and his contemporaries as they duel each other during exams, thus ascending to higher grades and fighting enemy shinobi during missions.

Everything from the underdog storylines to the soundtrack is epic.

However, this series’s underlying themes and life lessons will survive through time, teaching values that sometimes get lost in a child’s violent video game world.

Over time, Naruto has evolved into something the masses meaningfully gravitate towards as a collection of life lessons, curious philosophical ideas, and powerful themes.