The taste of Turkey

Having always been a place through which many breezes were allowed to blow, Turkish cuisine has taken on some delectable influences from various cultures.

Meals are typically family affairs and can go on for hours.

Meat and bread are very popular, and in parts of the country, a bowl of soup precedes every meal.

The two most well-known aspects of Turkish cuisine are arguably doner and kebab.

Doner consists of slices of meat layered and pierced vertically with a rotating spike.

At the same time, spiced and seasoned meat traditionally served on skewers is called kebab.

The desserts and sweets of Turkey include lokum or Turkish Delight, baklava, and Turkish ice cream.

In addition, the Turkish enjoy their tea, with many drinking more than ten cups daily.

Turkish coffee has also made its way into the hearts of people globally.

Strangely enough, Swedish meatballs are also said to be from Turkey.

When in exile, King Charles XII discovered the recipe for koftë and took it back with him when he returned.