What are Hypercars?

Hypercars are the most exclusive, expensive, rarest, and beastliest supercars.

Only the ritziest, most upper-crust supercars can join the hypercar list.

But of course, every single hypercar is also a supercar—only better, bigger, and chicer.

To simplify with an analogy, if you were a supercar, a hypercar would be your “perfect” cousin with whom your parents constantly compare you.

Each rendition of the hypercar symbolises automotive advancement; it is the gold standard of cars.

That said, most supercars are getting more and more advanced.

What is extraordinary today is bound to be commonplace in the future.

As technology advances, definitions of extravagant, insane, and remarkable get more dynamic.

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Competitors on the scene are already making even hypercars seem obsolete.

With 1,500 horsepower, the Swedish-made Koenigsegg Regera, a megacar, has already relegated the hypercar to the runner-up status.