Examples of immersive technology in tourism

Germany, Spain, and the US are already leading from the forefront in implementing these unique tourist experiences.

1. German company Timeride offers a virtual tour of the German cities where your guide will take you on a 90-minute journey showing the central scenes of 20th-century Germany.

Of course, we haven’t invented the time machine yet. But immersive technology in tourism will not disappoint you when travelling to the Middle Ages.

2. The Tourism Authority of Madrid has started providing a virtual tour to explore the capital of Spain before actually visiting it.

All you need to do is book an appointment, and a tour guide will add you to video conferencing, taking you to museums, parks, and the streets of Madrid.

3. Next in the line is US-based virtual tourism company Flyover Zone.

They create interactive virtual tours of cultural heritage sites across the world.

Flyover Zone also allows users to go back in time and see the world as the ancients did.

4. Besides visiting historical sites and other cool, distant places, it is possible to use immersive technologies to create art and hold exhibitions.

Artsteps, for instance, is a web-based platform for holding 3D virtual exhibitions and creating virtual art galleries.