What are supercars?

What are supercars?

To describe supercars as high-performance beasts would be highly unfair.

While sports cars are high-performance with break-neck speeds, not all sports cars are supercars.

If so, what are supercars, and what determines this classification?

The main factors that decide if your car is a supercar are performance, speed, rarity, and price.

Latest innovations and advanced aerodynamic technologies combine to create a supercar.

Supercars are often also released in an iterative fashion where each model is an improvement over its predecessor.

With supercars, don’t be surprised to encounter hundreds of horsepower, steeply high price tags, a dizzyingly fast 0 to 60 mph time, and lap times that can shame even race cars.

Additionally, a supercar’s distinguishing marks include incredible specifications and technology, aesthetically superior looks and design, and long wait lists.

With a guaranteed red-carpet entrance to the luxe club, owning a supercar is much like a declaration of taste, class, and enviable wealth.

While the list of these limited-edition automotive monsters is short, the bills will invariably be long.