What is self-awareness?

Let’s explore levels of self-awareness in the workplace and how they can grant insights into who we are.

Self-awareness is the ability to focus on yourself and how your thoughts, actions, and emotions align in any situation.

It is also about recognising your inner states (physical and mental).

You can further extend self-awareness to a second, related recognition of how others perceive you.

Are you being loud? Threatening? Too self-effacing?

These abilities are crucial, especially in a workplace with a definite decorum to be maintained.

In addition, working from home may have taught us something about ourselves.

We may have realised when we work best, how our bodies respond to external factors, what work we find easiest, etc.

If you have noted these, they are valuable data points.

Self-awareness is a sensible starting point from where you can begin making sense of your work and most of the world around you.