What is Sleep Tourism?

Sleep is fundamental and essential to the human experience.

Yet, we don’t know as much about it as we would like.

Nevertheless, we know that we cannot do without it, which makes it quite a potent thing to build an industry around.

Today, the sleep market has become a multi-billion dollar dream come true, with only further progression predicted by analysts.

Sleep tourism is a form of tourism where people book hotel rooms and often travel to other places, not for sightseeing or shopping but to sleep.

Hotels cater to them by making the environment as relaxing and sleep-inducing as possible.

They use aromatherapy, music, comfortable bedding, and so on.

Park Hyatt, for instance, introduced its restorative sleep suite.

This suite features an AI-powered bed that regulates its temperature and firmness to suit the sleeper.

Some hotels even include massages and meditation to help reset your sleep pattern.