Why use CGI avatars instead of real people?

While the true reason brands are suddenly choosing CGI avatars over actual models is anybody’s guess, some speculate that it is novelty.

Many marketing experts have voiced that CGI personas have the edge over regular people because they offer something for everyone.

GenZ especially loves their favourite CGI celebs with the same enthusiasm as they do their metaverses and digital art.

Another reason why marketing companies prefer virtual influencers could be due to the simple fact that they are virtual.

Therefore, marketing companies can undertake a shoot or a campaign on a virtual platform from a remote location.

Moreover, unlike real people, CGI avatars hardly get “cancelled”.

Nothing done by a character that is not technically real can be genuinely offensive.

Unlike their human counterparts, who can be offensive, disruptive, and sometimes even arrogant, clients and creators have total control over the activities and schedules of these digital troopers.

Moreover, they can also serve as a guilt-free getaway pass for the fashion industry that faces criticism for propagating unrealistic beauty standards.

It is possible to design a CGI avatar to look as “attractive” or “ethereal” as desired, setting new benchmarks along the way.