‘Hashtag Safarnama’: a visual adventure

Hashtag Safarnama

Everyone’s got a friend who knows all the hottest spots in town and the coolest destinations in the world. They let their adventurous spirit take them on journeys we would spend hours planning and never go on. Hashtag Safarnama is that friend. This awesome couple is catching the internet’s attention for their cinematic travel shots, brilliant videography, and great editing. And here are more reasons why they’re worth the hype. 

The wanderlust couple

Gourang’s love for his model wife Apoorva is as evident as the couple’s love for travel in the regal shots, which make up most of their content. She is his muse, and the beauty of her surroundings complements hers. As the host for most of the videos, her good-natured humour and the cadence of her voice as she familiarises us with a new place make the channel a joy to watch.

The couple’s travel vlog from their visit to Lohagad Fort near Pune, India (Source: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gMkaa6r04CI )

What Hashtag Safarnama does best

While parts of the episodes introduce you to places around Dubai and India, they also use the aesthetic of music videos in these exotic locations. The liveliness of the music offsets the calmness of the ambience. Moreover, the music does not fade into the background but is essential to the experience. When I first discovered Hashtag Safarnama, their poetry attracted me. The creators have a way with words, encapsulating the spirit behind their travels and the pull of the road that causes them to go on such exceptional adventures. Additionally, the motivational aspect makes the videos a feel-good experience on every level. Even though the episodes are mainly for exquisite viewing pleasure, the bloopers at the end (like the ones at Pygmy Zoo, the Al Taiba Heritage Museum, and Bluewaters Island) show that they are a light-hearted couple that works hard at creating content, enjoying every moment of it. 

Their adventures range from camel rides and barbecuing atop Jebel Jais to camping and kayaking at Hatta Heritage Village and ski-diving at Burj al Arab. Their latest adventure has been their shift from Dubai to India, which they have covered in detail on the channel. These personal vlogs give us an insight into their private lives. The videos feel like a cordial invitation to virtually participate with them in the various events of their life. Each video has detailed information about the sites they visit, including location maps and entry fees, making this channel a holistic traveller’s guide. That’s how you know this is well-intentioned travel content that encourages viewers to have their own adventures.

The couple’s cruise experience in Dubai (Source: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Yf8uEuouFak )

Hashtag Safarnama posts new episodes every Monday, featuring various known and obscure tourist sites across the UAE. After their move, their videos at Lonavala and other locations in and around Mumbai promise exciting new escapades up ahead. Their nature shots are breathtaking, and the tone of the vlogs seamlessly oscillates between beauty shots and conversational documentary style. 

My favourite Hashtag Safarnama episodes

Here are six of my favourite Hashtag Safarnama videos:

  1. Desert Safari: This video made me want to go out into the desert for a dune-y adventure.
  2. Underwater Zoo: This one was both educational and entertaining.          
  3. La Mer Beach: They show us a new way to savour the simple joys of life with some great music!
  4. Al Aweer: This video was shot quite differently from the others and showcased the model’s acting chops as she played the role of a plane crash survivor stranded in the desert.
  5. Al Noor Island: A relaxing coverage of the ultimate meditation paradise, complete with a butterfly garden!
  6. Al Hayl Castle: So many historical secrets whispered into the walls of this fort, masterfully captured through their lens. 

The couple likes to challenge themselves and explore many narrative and cinematic styles of content creation. As a result, every video that they produce is original and inspiring. I particularly enjoyed the shots of Apoorva at Al Seef, Buhais Geology Park, and Fujairah Fort, donning traditional Indian clothes.

If you’re in Dubai or planning to visit, let Hashtag Safarnama be your travel guide—I have an itch to visit Dubai every time I watch one of their videos. 

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